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Explorer Cases

Explorer Cases are 100% Made in Europe and are recognized to be an innovative waterproof case.

All the cases are watertight, waterproof, sand-proof, dustproof and able to withstand harsh environments and shocks. Cases are certified to withstand temperature rating from -33 to + 90 C° and are in fact the ideal mean of transportation for sensitive devices such as electronics, satellite communication equipments, GPS, computers, defense and military equipments…

Explorer Cases come in a range of 26 different sizes: from very small, to very large, to fit all possible requirements of transportation.

The cases are available in three standard colours: Black, Orange, Military Green; long sizes are also available in Sand Colour. Explorer Cases come in two standard configurations, with or without internal pre-cubed foam layers, for the end users to easily configure the inner space according to their requirements.

We also have a comprehensive range of multi function optional padded bags, that have been specifically designed to help whoever wants to transport sensitive, optical, photographic and digital devices.

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Please see below a typical Explorer case with a custom foam design, we can supplu custom foams to meet your requirements

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Explorer 1908 Case
Our Price: £29.95
Explorer 1913 Case
Our Price: £31.95
Explorer 2209 Case
Our Price: £32.45
Explorer 2214 Case
Our Price: £32.99
Explorer 2712 Case
Our Price: £46.85
Explorer 2717 Case
Our Price: £51.99
Explorer 3317 Case
Our Price: £75.68
Explorer 3818 Case
Our Price: £83.57
Explorer 4412 Case
Our Price: £104.25
Explorer 4419 Case
Our Price: £109.86
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